Inspection Services

Our services will help you get to know the current condition of your home investment. We adhere to the New Jersey rigorous standards of practice, and our own commitment to integrity.

Inspection Services to Get to Know Your Home

Safeway Home Inspections offers Home Inspections, as well as additional inspection services. Maximize your knowledge and protect your investment by also completing radon testing, oil tank sweeps and sewer line inspections. Our transparent pricing allows you to bundle services on the day of your home inspection at a discount. You’ll receive a comprehensive report usually within 24 hours, and an easy to use tool to help you create your request lists.

Home components we inspect while performing home inspection services


This home inspection is a complete assessment of a residential property following the NJ Standards of Practice. We provide a thorough report of the current condition of all accessible areas of a home. We include a wood-destroying insect/termite inspection at no additional cost. We ask buyers to attend the inspection and follow along with us on-site during the inspection, so we can provide you with information, answer questions and offer tips. We enjoy our work, and want to pass that knowledge along to you.

Additional Inspection Services

New Jersey Radon Potential Map

Radon Testing

Radon is a toxic radioactive gas that can sometimes be found in the home. Exposure to high levels of radon is known to cause lung cancer and other negative health conditions. The gas cannot be smelled, tasted, or seen, so it is important for the health of you and your family that you have our inspector with professional tools and licensing to measure the amount of radon in the home. If the radon levels do exceed a safe threshold, steps for mitigation will be recommended to help vent the gas and prevent future issues.

View New Jersey Radon Potential Map

Home Inspector doing a Oil Tank Sweep Inspection Service

Oil Tank Sweep

We do a completely non-invasive sweep for these tanks, looking for large metal objects buried on the property. Homes can have an underground oil tank on the property that has not been dealt with properly. A leaking underground oil tank on a residential property can be a major environmental hazard, and one that is expensive to deal with for the current homeowner. Before a real estate transaction takes place, we’ll utilize a ferromagnetic locator in an effort to determine if an oil tank is buried on-site. If one is found, we recommend that you have a specialist investigate further.

Sewer Line Home Inspection Services Being Preformed

Main Waste Line/Sewer Line Inspection

Using a specialized sewer line camera, we closely inspect the condition of the home’s sewer line to investigate the possibility of existing damage. We’ll also look for potential blockages that need to be addressed in order for wastewater disposal to continue unimpeded.

Inspection Reports Often Returned Within 24 Hours

You’ll learn the facts about the home’s existing condition, with each identified weakness in the property’s construction thoroughly explained so that you aren’t taken by surprise after a real estate transaction is final. Photographs taken during the inspection are featured with every report, and we include access to the user-friendly Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

Customized project and repair request list

Repair, replace, or reimbursement options

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At Safeway Home Inspections, we offer a top-tier home inspection at a competitive price, ensuring that you’re 100% aware of the shape that your future home is in and that you understand how to give it the specific care it needs. Contact us today to request an inspection.

“Get To Know Your Home”

Home inspections can be scheduled 7 days a week.

Full inspections of a single-family home start at $550. See our pricing page for more information.

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